Sunday, June 22, 2014


We have finally Sold our cute (but tiny) home in Layton. We are officially moved out as of today and we are thrilled to start a new chapter of our lives together.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Ice Caslte.

My sister invited Blake and I out for a double date with her and her husband this weekend. She really wanted to go see the Ice Castles in Midway. I had seen so many cool pictures recently so we decided to go check it out with them. Our pictures don't even do it justice. It was so neat!!

change of plans.

In my last post I announced the newest member of our family being an adorable white boxer. In the time we had before bringing her home, we did our research and we're quickly informed of many concerns that come along with white boxers. It's said that they are not as healthly as other colored boxer and can often times be deaf. Regardless if the statements are myths or actual facts, we didn't want to take the chance of what may have been another heartache. Since there was another puppy Blake had fallen in love with he made me an an awesome deal that I couldn't resist.
The deal is, we get the puppy he wants and when we adventually get into our forever home with more room I get another Great Dane.
So, we did not bring home the little white puppy but instead this precious little thing!

Say hello to Mori. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

puppy love.

I started looking through the KSL classifieds a couple days ago and ever since I haven't stopped bugging Blake about getting a puppy. I guess I must have nagged a few too many times because... we just got back from picking out the newest member of our family!!

We got first pick of a litter of 8 boxer puppies. I fell in love with one and Blake fell in love with another. We had to leave with out making a decision because neither of us would agree on one. After leaving, we decided to flip a coin.. my pick was heads and heads it was!

say hello to our sweet little lady.
we bring her home in a few weeks!

We miss our Kady so much and we would do anything in the world to have her back. This puppy has got some big shoes to fill, but she'll be loved for whatever personality she brings into our home. I'm just excited to have another 4 legged friend in our house. 

Home is not a home without a dog.

party animals.

Blake & I really know how to bring in a new year.

We started the evening out with some dinner at Teppanyaki. It's always hit or miss with who you are seated with there, but last night we happened to sit with not only football fans but 49er fans. Die hard 9er fans. One of them was also some big name that played for the U awhile back... Brent Casteel? Blake was in heaven. He had lots to talk about. They were a riot. It was a fun dinner!

Once we got home I made deep dish chocolate chip cookies and topped them with heaping scoops of ice cream and a generous amount of caramel topping. Then, Blake passed out and I watched all the crazy people in NYC and waited for the ball to drop. With only 5 seconds to go till the new year I woke my love up to get my New Years kiss and then we went to bed. Party animals, I know but I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

Happy New Year everyone!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

farewell Christmas.

Another Christmas day has come and gone just like that. Every year I am reminded how lucky I am while celebrating such an incredible day surrounded by so many amazing people in my life. My husband for one, never disappoints. I'm blessed to get to spend every single Christmas with him for the rest of my life. We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!! XOXO

Monday, December 9, 2013

our Candlestick experience.

I would like to announce that I am officially a new 49er fan! Blake is more than pleased with my decision and we owe it all to our experience at Sundays game.  Blake has been a 9er fan ever since we was a little boy so this was a dream come true for him. I will never forget the pure joy he was in. It was priceless! I'm totally taking credit for what was quite possibly his best birthday present ever. Here are some pictures of our day at Candlestick.

our first sight of Candlestick from the freeway
walking down to tailgating chaos
Blake couldn't get to the field fast enough
we watched the players warm up for a while
parking was a nightmare
8 dollar fries and a 10 dollar beer
I was so happy Blake flagged down the hot coco man. I was FREEEEEEZING
we tried to stay as close to the field as possible until whoever's seats we
were in decided to come kick us out.. oops.
somewhere down there are some girls from the dance studio that I teach at preforming at half time with the Gold Rush Cheerleaders
the view from our real seats. I personally enjoyed this spot better. We were tucked up under the upper level out of the frigid wind.
final score. AMAZING game!